For healthy nutrition.
Since 1895.

Made from natural ingredients such as milk, wheat germ and oil seeds, HOCHDORF products have been contributing to our health and wellbeing since 1895 – from babies to senior citizens.


Dairy Ingredients

We are the Swiss experts for everything to do with milk powder and other milk ingredients. Read more

Baby Care

We develop, produce and market high-quality Swiss-made infant formula around the world. Read More

Cereals & Ingredients

We research, process and market wheat germ and produce vegetable oils and powder mixtures. Read more

High-quality oils & flours

At Marbach (Germany) we produce and process high-quality vegetable oils and flours, with great emphasis on the origin and quality of our oil seeds. Read more

Made in Africa, for Africa

HOCHDORF South Africa Ltd is the first bean-to-bar company in Africa to produce chocolate made from cocoa sourced directly from African farmers. Read more

Dried fruits & vegetables

The concentrated goodness of nature with a crispy touch! Our products are made from freshly harvested fruit and vegetables. Read more

Daily share price update

See today's current share price for HOCHDORF Holding AG at a glance. Read more

Annual Report 2018
Posted on 19.03.2019

See our current annual report now online here. Read more

Generalversammlung 2019
Hier finden Sie ausführliche Informationen zur bevorstehenden Generalversammlung 2019 und zur Wahlempfehlung des Verwaltungsrates. Mehr lesen

Ad-hoc Reports
Posted on 19.03.2019

Press release of the HOCHDORF Group: Annual results 2018  Hochdorf, 19 March 2019 – HOCHDORF generated a net sales revenue of CHF 561.0 million...

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Customer magazine HOCHDORF Inside
Edition 09 / January 2019

Features: Swiss milk, infant formula in organic quality, apricot kernels, milk fat, Felice Fauxpas in France. Read more

Latest News
Posted on 16.10.2018

Our range of fine oat porridges are perfectly designed to provide the ideal, healthy start to the day! Available in natural and various fruity flavours. Looking for a...

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