Locations and production

Our two modern production sites are located in well-maintained, rural surroundings in Hochdorf (Lucerne canton) and Sulgen (Thurgau canton). This gives us the advantage of production close to our milk suppliers. The short transport distances enable us to keep our precious raw material very fresh for processing under ideal conditions.

We make no compromises when it comes to the health and well-being of children, which is why we have two production sites. This provides for optimum risk distribution with regard to production readiness and capacity or the quality of our products. The two factories enable us to guarantee you a highly reliable level of supply and just-in-time production. Our overriding concern is to ensure that your children have the products that specifically meet their needs at all times.

Product and process quality

There is a significant difference today in the demands made on product quality and by hygiene regulations. These changes are part of modern developments in food production. The stricter hygiene regulations are perfectly understandable when you consider that infants are now fed with the same product several times a day. Yet even the strictest hygiene provisions become meaningless if these requirements are not also carefully monitored in transit or during the production process. Our quality system guarantees high-quality, healthy products that meet impeccable hygiene standards across the entire value added chain. 


High standards in environmental and animal protection

Environmental and animal protection laws are among the most stringent in the world. The milk processed by us originates 100% from Swiss farms. We only process the very best of raw materials!

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