A wide range of products for babies, children and mothers!

We are proud to have contributed towards improving people's health for generations. Our wide range of products meets your individual requirements and promotes both the health and well-being of expectant mothers, their babies and pre-school children.

Pregnancy milks

Our milk products for expectant mothers and mothers who are breast feeding are the ideal food supplement to keep healthy, resilient and full of energy. Read more

Infant and follow-on formula

All our products are produced exclusively in Switzerland and are very similar to mother's milk. Babies like our infant and follow-on milk. Read more

Children's formula

Our children's formula promotes the health, resilience and development of children from pre-school age. Read more

Special formula

Some babies need special formula. We provide infant formula for children with allergies, digestive problems and lactose intolerance. Read more

Overview of product range

Find out about our entire product range and download information here. Do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you. Read more