... exemplary in quality and hygiene

The quality of our products is very dear to us. The best evidence of our high-quality standards is in the long-standing trust that our customers have placed in HOCHDORF products. Our competence in the area of product safety strengthens the bond between the company and our customers because it is a relationship based on trust. We make absolutely no compromises with the quality of any of our products. Whether it's roller-dried full cream milk powder or condensed milk– or least of all infant formula. Each individual employee at HOCHDORF knows the vital importance of perfect quality assurance and the highest standards in hygiene. These topics are regular features in our training programmes.

Qualified employees

The Food Safety department includes 40 full-time positions, around 10% of the entire workforce. The team uses the latest analysis equipment and various process engineering technologies to monitor product safety.

Around 15,000 batches are produced each year and released by the quality assurance team. Each release requires between 5 and 200 individual checks. So around 300,000 results are generated, processed and stored by Quality Assurance each year.

Internationally recognised experts in hygiene and quality

We work under the most stringent hygiene regulations at our two sites at Sulgen and Hochdorf and our quality assurance system is outstanding. Our expertise and traditional Swiss meticulousness in production and hygiene are both recognised and sought after around the world. We also provide training for hygiene managers at our suppliers and service providers and pass on our expertise at various symposia.

Our specialist department for Regulatory Affairs

Food production is strictly regulated by various legal standards around the world. The legal requirements governing infant formula are particularly stringent and food standards are subject to constant change. HOCHDORF's in-house specialist department for Regulatory Affairs monitors any changes to legal requirements and develops its own guidelines in response, creating new measures to ensure food safety or adapting existing measures.

Quality standards are – and remain – paramount

We lead by example when it comes to hygiene. We were therefore one of the first Swiss companies in the foodstuffs industry to have all our operations audited to BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards back in 2004. In 2016 the HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd has changed to the independent standard ISO 22000 FSSC. Our production has met the requirements of the "Global Food Safety Initiative" ever since.

Consumers now increasingly expect certification. HOCHDORF currently meets the following quality standards, which are regularly updated and checked:

  • ISO 22'000
  • Suisse Garantie
  • Bio Suisse organic bud label
  • EU organic farming logo
  • Kosher food certification
  • Halal certification
  • Various export licences
  • Various delivery approvals based on customer standards
  • Adherence to various national legislation
  • Ethical standards – membership of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)

Code of Conduct for suppliers of the HOCHDORF Group

We attache great importance to acting in accordance with the law, adhering to the principles of integrity, loyalty and sincerity.

We expect our business partners to join us in promoting responsible and ethical conduct and to act in accordance with these principles both, in their relationship with us and in their dealings with other customers, suppliers, employees and the public.
This Supplier Code of Conduct is aimed at contributing to the achievement of this aspiration. It is binding for all our suppliers and can be downloaded here.

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