Specialty formula for infants, toddlers, young children and adults with individual requirements

Specialty formula:

Not all babies have the same needs and some rely on specialist products. These can, for instance, minimise vomiting (AR products) as well as preventing stomach cramps and cholic (AC products). Our specialist product range also includes lactose-free infant formula (LF products).

Our specialist products are ideally suited to complement the existing range of infant formula.

The specialist products are also produced from 100 per cent Swiss milk and adhere to the stringent Swiss and international quality guidelines.

Dietary foods for special medical purposes:

Food for special medical purposes means food specially processed or formulated and intended for the dietary management of patients; it is intended for:

a) the exclusive or partial feeding of patients with a limited, impaired or disturbed capacity to take, digest, absorb, metabolize or excrete ordinary food or certain nutrients contained therein, or metabolites,
b) or with other medically-determined nutrient requirements, whose dietary management cannot be achieved by modification of the normal diet alone.

Food for special medical purposes should be used under medical supervision. Our product PediaMed is for children from 1 - 10 years. Our product Medical Nutrition is suitable from the age of 10 years until old age.


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