Easily digestible – the new Bimbosan infant formula made from goat milk

HOCHDORF Group Press Release: Launch of Bimbosan infant formula

Hochdorf, 8 March 2021 – Generations of children have grown up with Bimbosan milk. With premium infant, follow-on and children's milks based on goat milk, HOCHDORF has launched an innovative product for its Bimbosan brand that is very easy to digest. Especially for babies with a sensitive digestion, the new goat milks can represent a welcome alternative.

Breast feeding is the best nutrition for a baby. The WHO therefore recommends six months of exclusive breastfeeding. But there are always situations where a baby needs supplementary food or breastfeeding is not possible. Especially for children with a sensitive digestion, the high-quality Bimbosan goat milks can be a good alternative.

High-quality goat milk for sensitive tummies
Goat milk has many good, natural qualities. It is characterised by its good digestibility, for example. This is because goat milk contains smaller “protein globules” that can be broken down better by digestive enzymes than cow's milk proteins. HOCHDORF uses only goat milk as a high-quality protein source in the new goat milk-based infant formula. The Bimbosan milks also contain the valuable Omega-3 fatty acid DHA (fish oil), which is legally required in baby food, as well as the Omega-6 fatty acid ARA. Both are important for the normal development of a baby in the first two years. Added to this are the latest generation of the prebiotic HMO or human milk oligosaccharides, which have been shown to promote the child's immune system and healthy intestinal flora.

Premium quality and taste
Bimbosan goat milks do not contain palm oil or starch. In line with statutory requirements, they are also gluten-free. They are made from the best goat milk, with a pleasant, milky taste. The full range of Bimbosan products can be found in all Swiss pharmacies and chemist shops. Some products, including the goat milk range, are available in larger Coop sales outlets and in various online shops.

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