Committees of the Board of Directors

Committees of the Board of Directors

In order to support the Board of Directors, it has established an Audit Committee and a Human Resources and Compensation Committee, each consisting of at least two non-executive members. In order to organise its tasks efficiently and effectively, the Board of Directors relies on the recommendations of these committees.


Audit Committee

Andreas Herzog (Chair)
Jürg Oleas
Jean-Philippe Rochat

The main tasks of the Audit Committee are:

  • Monitoring internal and external accounting and financial reporting to shareholders and the public. Assessment of the consolidated and individual financial statements of the Group companies with recommendation to the Board of Directors for submission to the Annual General Meeting
  • Assessing the effectiveness and independence of the external auditors and the interaction with the internal auditors. Evaluation and recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding the selection of the external auditors as well as internal audit measures
  • Assessment of the functionality of the internal control system of the group of companies, including risk management
  • Observation of the development of and compliance with legal and regulatory provisions, in particular accounting standards, auditing principles, to the SIX Swiss Exchange, as well as adherence to internal regulations and principles (compliance)


Personnel and Remuneration Committee

Jean-Philippe Rochat (Chair)
Jürg Oleas
Marjan Skotnicki-Hoogland

The main tasks of the Personal and Remuneration Committee are:

  • Support and advice to ensure a far-sighted human resources policy at HOCHDORF
  • Drawing up competence profiles of the Board of Directors and the CEO, ensuring succession planning in the Board of Directors including identification and evaluation of new candidates
  • Performance appraisal of the CEO and, if applicable, members of the Group Management
  • Drawing up employment agreements for the members of the Group Management
  • Recommendations for the compensation of the members of the Board of Directors and the Group Management, including the assessment of corresponding remuneration systems
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