HOCHDORF shareholders express their confidence in the existing management team

Media release

Hochdorf, 15. May 2024 – The 129th Annual General Meeting of HOCHDORF Holding Ltd. met with great interest. 148 shareholders, who together represent 801,503 share votes, attended the event in person. The total voting participation was 77.22% (or 1,237,598 votes). The proposals of the Board of Directors were approved by a large majority, while shareholder proposals were clearly rejected.

The shareholders approved the recommendations and proposals of the Board of Directors for all items on the agenda. The Board of Directors was re-elected in its current composition - with the exception of Marjan Skotnicki-Hoogland, who did not stand for re-election - and with Jürg Oleas as Chairman of the Board of Directors by a large majority.

In information item no. 9, the Board of Directors and CFO Thomas Freiburghaus provided detailed information on the complex financial burdens, solution scenarios and possible consequences of a possible sale of the subsidiary HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition (HSN) for the shareholders and bondholders.

Ralph Siegl, CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors, stated: “The Board of Directors would like to thank the shareholders for their trust. It confirms that we are on the right track and that we are now in a stronger position to press ahead with the ongoing formal process of finding investors on the basis of the operational turnaround.”

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