Milk production that protects both animals and the environment

The HOCHDORF Group is the fourth largest milk processor in Switzerland. We procure 95% of the 300 million kilogrammes of milk we process each year from milk supply organisations. 5% of our milk comes from agricultural producers in the Hochdorf area – these are our direct suppliers.

The high quality of Swiss milk is no coincidence. There are many reasons for it. Firstly the natural conditions are ideal for milk production. Furthermore, milk production and processing are organised to a very high level. The freshly milked product is immediately cooled to 4 degrees Celsius in a cooling tank and the milk is collected from the farm by tanker every second day. The short transport distances to our processing plants in Hochdorf and Sulgen also help us to retain the naturally excellent quality of the milk.

As your BEST PARTNER, we process the best quality Swiss milk.

The Swiss milk producers make the world's best quality milk. We base this assertion on five facts:

  • The natural conditions (amount of precipitation and temperature) in Switzerland are excellent.
  • The Swiss population supports the sustainable use of its natural resources. Switzerland is regularly placed in first or second position in the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). This means that the cows can drink clean water, eat fresh grass and breathe fresh air.
  • Swiss milk production has been subject to stringent regulation for many years.There are detailed regulations governing quality assurance and quality monitoring in the milk industry, with regular inspections (including unannounced inspections).
  • The demands made on Swiss farmers to treat the environment and the animals correctly are far more stringent than in other countries. The «Ökologische Leistungsnachweis» (ÖLN) (Swiss environmental certificate of performance) promotes a holistic approach to eco-systems and agricultural business. It incorporates provisions for the humane rearing of animals, for a measured fertilizer balance, for regular group surveys and the right amount of ecological buffer areas (hedges, meadows etc.).
  • The majority of the Swiss population rejects genetically modified foods. Our milk therefore comes from cows that have neither been genetically modified nor have been given genetically produced feedstuffs.


Swiss milk production preserves the environment and treats animals humanely – forming the basis for our high-quality, healthy products.

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