Healthy and on-trend – porridge

16.10.2018 07:00
Our range of fine oat porridges are perfectly designed to provide the ideal, healthy start to the day! Available in natural and various fruity flavours. Looking for a power boost before you train? Our plant-based protein porridge provides even more power.

Fit kids all day long – our nutritional experts have developed a milk porridge with Swiss whole milk and fruity taste especially for little ones. It contains valuable minerals, vitamins and fibre, providing a long-lasting full feeling.

You can capitalise on the high demand for porridge products too. According to the global market research company Mintel, around 600 new porridge products were launched in Europe last year, most of them in the "Breakfast" and "Children" categories.


Especially for our little ones: our porridge made with whole Swiss milk

Our porridge is available in various fruity flavours. It provides everything children need for a good start to the day – or a healthy snack.

Our porridge contains healthy fibre and valuable vitamins and minerals. We only use natural ingredients in our products and consciously avoid adding sugar, salt or artificial flavourings. The whole milk powder in our porridge – produced by our traditional method – gives the product its unique, smooth and creamy consistency and a subtle hint of caramel.


Protein porridge for more power: with fine oats and vegetable protein from sunflower flour

Our protein porridge contains purely natural ingredients, with no added sugar or flavourings. Healthy fibre ensures a long-lasting full feeling and the high protein content helps to build and maintain muscle mass.

The fibre in our porridge is a delicacy for health-promoting gut bacteria, which also need nutrients. Whole grain oats provide fermented polysaccharides and oligosaccharides – the basic food source for gut bacteria – and thus make an important contribution to a healthy microbiome.

Fibre in oats A delicacy for the microbiome of children and adults

From the day you are born, gut bacteria, also known as the microbiome, play an essential role in the development and subsequent maintenance of a healthy immune system.

A healthy diet is an important factor for the optimal composition of our microbiome, especially in children, where it has yet to develop.

In studies conducted by the University of Leipzig with the participation of Prof. Dr. Holger Till, researchers were able to show that the diversity and complexity of a child's microbiome only corresponds to that of an adult from the age of three onwards.

Nutrition affects the microbiome

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