Close to 100,000 tonnes of product sold

29.01.2015 07:00

HOCHDORF Group Press Release: Sales and Turnover Figures for 2014

Hochdorf, 29 January 2015 – The HOCHDORF Group increased its gross sales revenue by +14.1% to CHF 429.3 million in the past financial year (previous year CHF 376.1 million). In its plants, HOCHDORF processed 507.0 million kg milk, whey and permeate (+11.5%; previous year 454.6 million kg). Sales volumes also rose by 8.1% to 99,155 tonnes (previous year 91,699 tonnes). The revenue figures are to be expected to beat all previous records.

In its plants the HOCHDORF Group processed almost 507 million kg of milk, whey and permeate in 2014 (+11.5% compared to previous year). The increase was partly attributable to the generally increased milk quantities in Switzerland and quantity restrictions relating to Emmental cheese production. The sanctions against Russia had an important impact on the Lithuanian plant. In comparison to the previous year, the Swiss plants processed around 12% more than they did the previous year (335.6 million kg; incl. drying services)

Gross sales revenue and sales quantity increased
For the 2014 financial year, the HOCHDORF Group sold products to the value of CHF 429.3 million (unchecked; previous year 376.1 million), significantly exceeding its anticipated sales growth of 10% (+14.1%). The growth resulted from higher milk prices, which were widely reflected in higher sales prices on the market, and from the increased quantities of product processed and sold. Unfortunately, the target growth in turnover of 18 – 22 per cent in Baby Care was not quite achieved. "The turnover in this business area – at CHF 110.0 million – topped the CHF 100 million mark for the first time, producing significant growth of 16.4%," explained CEO Thomas Eisenring. The failure to meet the target growth was largely due to filling capacities. According to Eisenring, this equated to around a month of lost turnover in 2014.
At 99,155 tonnes, sold product quantity increased by +8.1% (previous year 91,699 tonnes). This value is adjusted by the pure milk trade business in Lithuania.

Record revenue figures on the horizon

Revenue figures continued to improve on the positive 2013 business year and in the first half of 2014. "The revenue figures for the entire year are likely to set new records for the HOCHDORF Group," said Dr. Thomas Eisenring. For the current financial year, however, Eisenring is not quite so confident. The low milk price, uncertainty on the (international) milk market and the scrapping of the euro currency lower limit by the SNB all promise a challenging 2015.

The complete company results for 2014 will be published on 26 March 2015.

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