Awards for sunflower and apricot kernel flour

25.06.2020 14:00

The specialist jury of the world leading Taste Institute, formerly ITQI, has awarded one star to our sunflower flour and two stars to our apricot kernel flour.

2 stars for our apricot kernel flour

Ein traditionelles Quatre-Quarts Kuchenrezept, hergestellt mit Aprikosenkernmehl

Both the overall product and the taste impressed the jury of the international Superior Taste Award. Used in a traditional French pound cake, the flour is simply delicious. It’s versatility means the apricot kernel flour can also be used with excellent results in other applications.

The nutty flour is made from sweet apricot kernels. It has a high protein content (42%) and ensures moist and firm baked products.

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Click here for a delicious recipe for a traditional French pound cake made with apricot kernel flour.


1 star for our sunflower seed flour

Prämiertes Sonnenblumenmehl der Marbacher ÖlmühleThe delicious sunflower flour is not just popular because of its high protein content (44%) – it’s a real all-rounder. Thanks to its good binding properties, it is used in many baked goods and can replace a significant proportion of conventional wheat flour. Pancakes make with sunflower flour also taste great.

Our sunflower flour is make from peeled sunflower seeds.

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Pancake Rezept mit Marbacher SonnenblumenmehlTasty pancakes make with sunflower flour? Click here for the recipe.