Apricot kernel oil – a taste sensation with a health bonus

02.04.2020 09:21


Apricot kernel oil is ideal for enhancing cold dishes with its intense, fruity taste. The nutty flavour is another dominant taste component, with the almond note particularly striking. Oily and fatty attributes, accompanied by grainy, seedy and buttery components, round off the flavours.

In 2018, the International Taste & Quality Institute awarded the Superior Taste 2-Star Award to the apricot kernel oil from Marbacher Ölmühle. The valuable ingredients contained in the yellow-golden apricot kernel oil and its unique fruity and nutty taste mean: as well as pleasing our palate, it's also good for our body. Omega-6 fatty acids make up 25 per cent of the oil. Omega 6 is one of the unsaturated fatty acids that the body cannot produce itself but nonetheless plays a vital part in maintaining important bodily functions such as  

  • regulating blood pressure
  • reducing cholesterol
  • supporting growth and healing processes
  • and fighting infection.


Gentle oil with an added extra – ideal for cosmetics and body care products

The high concentrations of oleic acid (66%) and linoleic acid (25%) make the oil particularly popular in skin and hair care products. Oleic acid is one of the most important unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid regulates water balance and helps maintain the natural barrier function of the skin. In hair care, it provides hair with moisture and body, leaving a smooth finish.





Apricot kernel flour – the protein booster

We finely grind the remains of the pressing process into our apricot kernel flour. Its nutty taste provides a worthy alternative to the more familiar, slightly lighter almond flour. There are around 51 grams protein in 100 grams of apricot kernel flour – a relatively high value compared to other flours. The impressive protein content makes apricot kernel flour particularly attractive for a low-carb diet. With 23 per cent fibre, this is the second most important nutrient group. Fibre is a delicacy for our intestinal bacteria, which is essential to our well being.



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