What is VIOGERM®?

Wheat germ is the most valuable part of wheat. The high content of unsaturated fatty acids in wheat germ limits its shelf life to a few days. Therefore, the wheat germ is removed during flour production. HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd has developed a gentle process to stabilize the wheat germ as VIOGERM®, preserving the richness of protein, dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins, while extending the shelf life to 12 months. VIOGERM® is the perfect combination of health and taste. The addition of VIOGERM® enhances food products in a natural way and has a variety of applications in the food industry.

VIOGERM® wheat germ

VIOGERM® is available in a variety of granulations, adding variety and flavour to your products. Our granulate is popular in chocolate, pasta, small pastries, breads and muesli. It is also an ideal binding agent in desserts and fruit cakes. VIOGERM® wheat germ has a pleasant, nutty taste, which means that you can use it as a (partial) alternative to hazlenuts and almonds in nut fillings, and so reduce the fat content of your products.


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VIOGERM® Gold Flour

Applications: Bakery products, breakfast cereals, convenience foods/snacks, pasta, sauces/soups, health supplements


Applications: Bakery products, breakfast cereals, convenience foods/snacks, ready meals, pasta, sauces/soups, nut replacement


Applications: Bakery products, breakfast cereals, convenience/snacks, dairy products, ready meals, chocolates, nut replacement, health supplements


Applications: Bakery products, breakfast cereals, dairy products, chocolates, desserts and ice cream, nut replacement

VIOGERM® adds value to your products

As well as being healthy, VIOGERM® offers many features that add value to a variety of food products.

Aroma: VIOGERM® has a pleasant, sweet, nutty flavour. This offers a full bodied taste and also enhances the taste of savoury products.

Nutritional value: Wheat germ is one of nature's powerhouses, with over 70 nutrients. As an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre, the wheat germ is also rich in various minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorus) and vitamins (vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, vitamin E, niacin).

Texture: Due to its richness in protein and dietary fibres, VIOGERM® can add texture in a variety of applications. VIOGERM® improves the chewing properties of pasta and makes crackers crispier and crunchier, for example.


Processing: Important yet often overlooked - VIOGERM® can be used everywhere, easily and practically. VIOGERM® makes dough more compact, for instance, making it easier to process.

Applications for VIOGERM® wheat germ granulates

VIOGERM® - the perfect nut replacement

Using various VIOGERM® granulations as a nut replacement allows you to retain the texture of your pastry while the sweet and nutty flavour of VIOGERM® provides a consistent taste.

You can also use VIOGERM® to replace the nuts in your sponges, nut fillings, cakes, biscuits and flans. As well as reducing the cost of ingredients, it also cuts down the fat content of your product.

VIOGERM® in chocolate spreads

VIOGERM® wheat germ is already being used successfully to replace hazelnuts and almonds in bakery products. And now we have the perfect formulation for your chocolate and nut spread!

VIOGERM® al dente in pasta

VIOGERM® wheat germ should be incorporated in your pasta, because VIOGERM® replenishes the lost nutrients! HOCHDORF Nutrifood introduces VIOGERM® al dente, a concept that makes pasta into genuine pasta. VIOGERM® al dente brings a delightful golden colour to any pasta, along with enhanced aroma and taste and the true al dente texture – even when the pasta is cooked for a relatively long time. Good pasta contains a lot of protein. VIOGERM® al dente significantly increases the protein content of any kind of pasta. It also enriches your pasta with more vitamins and minerals, making it a more rounded and healthier nutritional asset.

VIOGERM® in bread and bakery products

VIOGERM® Gold Flour replenishes lost nutrients and turns your standard toast into a golden speciality. Adding VIOGERM® Gold Flour will also give toast a fuller aroma and a wholesome taste. With VIOGERM® Gold Flour the dough is more compact, smoother and more flexible in production, allowing for a more machine-friendly processing.

VIOGERM® in savoury snacks

VIOGERM® wheat germ is an ideal ingredient for all savoury bakery products. VIOGERM® Gold Powder gives crackers a wholesome look and a delightful aroma. It also enhances the nutritional value of your crackers with natural vitamins and minerals, making healthier products. VIOGERM® Gold Powder makes the dough more compact, smoother and more flexible in production, allowing for more machine friendly processing and resulting in crispier, crunchier crackers. 

VIOGERM® in breakfast cereals

Muesli with VIOGERM® is the ideal and natural way to start the day. Packed with vitamins and minerals, VIOGERM® Muesli is also wholesome, tasty and healthy. Using VIOGERM® the amount of nuts can be reduced, which lowers the fat content. Using VIOGERM®, the protein and fibre content of a muesli can be significantly increased.

VIOGERM® in sweet pastry

VIOGERM® wheat germ is ideally suited to bakery products, with an intense aroma that enriches the taste of any end product. The water binding capacity of VIOGERM® makes the dough more compact, smooth and flexible. This allows easier processing and makes VIOGERM® cookies crispier and crunchier than conventional products. Using VIOGERM® allows up to 30% of almonds or hazelnuts to be replaced, thus lowering the fat content in pastries.

VIOGERM® as a meat substitute

The vegetable burger with VIOGERM® wheat germ looks great and tastes great too. The addition of VIOGERM® significantly increases the concentration of vitamins and minerals for a healthy vegetarian diet. The content of protein and dietary fibre is greatly enhanced and the strong water-binding properties of VIOGERM® gives your burger a perfect shape.