Health care
Symbolbild representing Health Care products von HOCHDORF
Symbolic picture representing Health Care products of HOCHDORF

HOCHDORF‘S Health Care products – stay healthy, all through life.

We develop and produce health-related products for mothers and children, as well as for adults and senior citizens.

HOCHDORF’s full-service solutions cover the entire product development − from the initial idea right to the finished product and its delivery to the customer or the retailer . We work with well-established partners and use our expertise to support you. The result is a one-stop tailored product solution.

Our PRODUCT CONCEPTS contain ready-to-market products for the following target markets:

  • Children
  • Mothers/women
  • Adults
  • Senior citizens

and in the following AREAS:

  • Immune system support/symptom relief for colds
  • Digestion
  • Skin irritations
  • Health promotion for mothers and children

Product options

Our products come in different forms:

  • Tonics
  • Capsules (made of hard and soft gelatine)
  • Sticks
  • Drops


New product: Vitamin D Drops

Lack of light – a disease of civilization that shouldn't be underestimated. For more information on how to replenish the stores for young and old, please read our Product Factsheet.  

Download Factsheet  Vitamin D