Correct nutrition begins before birth

08.04.2019 08:00

The first 1,000 days

A good start in life begins with the right nutrition. The first 1,000 days in a person’s life is particularly crucial in this regard.

The first 1,000 days begins with the first day of pregnancy and lasts until the end of a child's second year of life. All the important nutrients that we receive at the start of our life influence our growth and the development of our brain and vision. Particular nutrients also play a role in strengthening our immune system. So it is important that we pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet even during pregnancy. After a baby is born, breast milk is undisputedly the best source of food. It is a complete food that is perfectly matched to the baby and contains important nutrients as well as hormones and antibodies that protect our little ones from disease.

Infant and young child formula from HOCHDORF

HOCHDORF has specialised in the development and production of high-quality and healthy Swiss milk products for pregnant women, new-born babies and pre-school children.

At HOCHDORF we believe that breast-feeding provides the best nutrition. Unfortunately, however, not all mothers are able to breastfeed their children. HOCHDORF infant and young child formulas offer a good alternative or supplement to breast-feeding. Our development team is working on new formulations based on the new regulation for infant formulas and follow-on formulas that will come into force in 2020, incorporating the latest scientific findings. Alongside products for healthy babies and toddlers, HOCHDORF also produces formulas for babies and children with special needs, like lactose intolerance or reflux. Since the 1990s we have also produced infant formula to meet organic quality standards.

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