We produce own brands and provide co-manufacturing for your brand

The HOCHDORF Group manufactures its product range at three production sites in Switzerland. In addition to our own brands, we are also co-manufacturer for numerous private brands. Our formulations are also adapted – where necessary – to any country-specific legal provisions. Our products meet the strict quality requirements of Swiss and corresponding local legislation.

The ideal supplement for mother and child and in case of malnutrition

  • Our products contain all the nutrients required for the healthy growth and age-appropriate development of infants and children
  • Our product range meets all requirements specified by the WHO and country-specific legislation
  • Our milks for pregnant and breast-feeding mums are the ideal nutritional supplement for this important life stage
  • In addition to infant formula & their specialties we offer dietary products for pregnant- and breastfeeding women as well as patients with malnutrition.

Private brands produced in Switzerland:

Alpina Baby – Alpina S.A.

  • Alpina Baby 1 400 and 900g
  • Alpina Baby 2 400 and 900g
  • Alpina Baby Plus 1 400g
  • Alpina Baby Plus 2 400g
  • Alpina Baby Plus 3 900g


Babecare – Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd.

  • Babecare HA1 800g


Bebelan Alimenta – BCP Ltd.

Biolac – Biokid S.A.

  • Biolac 1 400g
  • Biolac 2 400g
  • Biolac 3 400g


Complesure ADVANCED – Sherfarma S.A.C.

  • Complesure Advanced 900 g


Eldobaby/Eldomilk – Baby Nutrition Ltd.

  • Eldobaby 1 180g, 350g and 400g
  • Eldobaby 2 350g and 400g
  • Eldobaby LF 180g
  • Eldobaby 3 350g and 400g
  • Eldomilk 1+ 350g and 400g
  • Eldomilk 2+ 350g and 400g

Karihome – Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd.

  • Karihome HA1 800g
  • Karihome HA3 800g


N5 – Steril Farma S.r.l.

  • N5 AR  400g
  • N5 AC  400g


Nurture Intelligence – Searle Nutrition

  • NI-1 400g    
  • NI-2 400g
  • NI-3 400g    
  • NI-Mom 350g
  • NI-AC 400g    
  • NI-LF 350g
  • NI-AR 350g


Nurtumil – Searle Nutrition

  • Nurtumil 1 400g
  • Nurtumil 2 400g
  • Nurtumil 3 400g


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